Last week I only ran somewhere in the 16 mile range. I took four rest days total and came into this week feeling a bit better. Didn’t follow any official plan this week - just threw some runs and miles together. Ended up with one speed workout and around 31 miles total.

Next week starts the new base building plan. Monday will be a field max heart rate test so I can try to have some sort of baseline for where my runs should be.


Took a nice easy four to get back into the swing of things after some time off.


Easy five and a half. Average pace around 9:32.


Decided to do a speed workout so I ran half mile repeats. I misprogrammed my Garmin and set it to only two repeats instead of six. So mid run I had to try to manually track the repeats on the watch and ended up only running about four and a half repeats. The whole workout was about 5.6 miles total.

These smoked me. I went out too quickly on the first one with a 7:00 pace. I should probably have gone more like 7:15 to 7:20 to start. By the end I was sucking pretty badly, plus the mental hiccup of messing up the workout with the watch got to me.


Easy four miles! Was still feeling the previous days workout a little bit so kept it light to get opened up in my legs.


Eight mile long run! Took it pretty easy with a goal of keeping my heart rate under my estimated 80% (190 * .80 = 152). Kept my heart rate under 150 for most of the run but sped up the last three miles and finished with around 9:10 pace.


Easy four mile recovery. Made sure to go slow and easy and keep my heart rate under my perceived 80%.