My Packages

CDK AppSync Transformer

An AWS CDK construct that transforms your graphql schema using AWS Amplify Directives. This construct supports transformations for most of the supported directives. You can quickly spin up your graphql schema using this method without,being tightly coupled to the amplify-cli, and gain the advantages of using amplify-js client libraries.

CDK Bucket Deployment Expirator

An AWS CDK construct that is used alongside the @aws-cdk/aws-s3-deployment construct. It is my solution to keeping N number of older static website assets. This has prevented me from running into issues with either completely pruned buckets or too many old lingering deployments. I personally keep 2 older versions of the application around in case of caching issues.

Other Contributions

Cube.js Aurora Serverless MySQL Driver

A Cube.js driver to connect to Aurora Serverless MySQL using the data api